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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
That would actually make for a very interesting youth-sport-study. Is there a choice based on the height between the leading sports in Latvia? Do big guys go to basketball instead? Kids that end up being over 1.95 as adults are normally tallest in their class all through childhood, so maybe they are encouraged more for basketball from an early age by people around them?
Average height for a latvian national hockey team of 1.78 I see above. Maybe its because hockey in Latvia interests from the technical aspect of the game more than the physical?
Most of the danish NHL players are on the small side as well, compared with our handball players -> To make it in handball you often have to be around 1.90 and 90 kg, though as a wing you can be 1.80 and 80 kg. Our star player Mikkel Hansen is 1.96 and 98 kg. So it also seems here that hockey might be chosen more for the technical aspect and big guys play handball (or basketball if they are afraid of body contact and have weak power in their shooting arms ).
The danish handballteam at the olympics...scroll down to the bottom and see the height (sadly no weight in this overview):
We could need more big men in our hockey players, especially defenders with bulk.

So could be fun to see a comparison between Latvias hockey team and their basketball team!

So if Girgensons can set a trend, it could buff up latvian hockey for the future.
This is definitely the case for Latvia too

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