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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
About popularity it's offcourse a difference between popularity of choice of sport and popularity of media/number of fans. Some sports are popular as a professional sport with fans attached to clubs or individual sport stars and some are popular purely as recreation. If you see this top-10 of membership popularity by choice of sport from Denmark in 2003 you will be surprised to see gymnastics as second (purely recreational, we havent had a gymnastic star since the 1930's-1940's i think), while football, handball and badminton are leading pro-sports beside being recreational. Tennis is also very big but mostly recreational with very few danish tennis stars through time. Hockey only have a membership of 4.000 in comparison.

1. Football (292.973)
2. Gymnastics (148.384)
3. Handbold (134.782)
4. Badminton (128.297)
5. Svimming (122.924)
6. Golf (104.006)
7. Tennis (73.268)
8. Riding (72.856)
9. Sailing (55.351)
10. Shooting (46.999)
This is exactly the point i was trying to explain to Ozo.

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