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Originally Posted by DoubleAAAA View Post
Would love if we could snag him in this draft.
have met Max and he is about a 180 from his dad as a player; he lived with Knight last year and Jared loves the kid.

Besides Domi keep an eye on Bo Horvat. Wow. These two I believe are London's top two centers and both could be top 20 first round picks.

Griffith stays healthy he may get 60 this year- I am glad he got drafted by Boston or anybody for that matter because its easier to focus and know somebody loves you or atleast likes you....Seth certainly has specific skills it is up to him to either analyze his areas of improvement or have someone tell him and work at it. At that level its often just mental things such as want/determination/desire to succeed.

I still find it odd with over 20 picks between Tampa (his London center was Namestikov a Lightning number one pick that had GM Yzerman and scouting personnel at many London games), and Washington (his London coach Dale Hunter for a time) did not select him with all the games they saw him or in Hunter's case the closeness he had with Seth,

that said, the kid came snipe and I have never, ever seen him not impress me in person or on TV

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