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09-23-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
What do you mean so what? O'byrne was absolutely terrible in Montreal and recieved chance after chance after chance. Reminds of Weber. These guys were terrible. O'byrne wasn't going to play in Montreal and he's lucky that Colorado had so many injuries on D when got traded there, it was the only way he was gonna get ice time.

For how good O'byrne is, only one other regular playing d-man got less ice-time than he did. Liles didn't play with O'byrne all of last year. Liles was also having a very good season before O'byrne arrived in Colorado, he had 11 points in 14 games before the O'byrne trade that year.

O'byrne is still a bottom pairing d-man for christ sake. I can't believe people are still lamenting over this. You don't see San Jose fans crying every freaking day because they traded Josh Gorges who also couldn't crack their lineup at the time. He's still a bottom pairing D-man, he was bad at the time of the trade and the only reason people still whine about him is because he's 6'5 and we all know how much habs fans get chubbies over size.

Hal Gill was also a fantastic PKer, I still don't want him back. O'byrne is still a bottom pairing d-man.

The same thing will probably happen with Weber (given the plethora of bottom pairing d-men on this team with St.Denis, Diaz, Emelin and now Boullion, let's not forget that there is Ellis, Beaulieu, Tinordi waiting as well), except that I bet a lot less people will give a damn (outside of the few that lament every single player that gets moved) since he doesn't have size.

I'm glad he found a role in Colorado, but he's still inconsistent and still gets bottom pairing minutes.
He has 4th highest TOI of all Avs defensemen, he and Hejda faced opposing top lines, they were always on the ice when the Avs were protecting late leads and he's getting bottom pairing minutes?

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