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05-07-2006, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by plafleur10
You are right that the Montreal fans are like a Roller Coaster ride, they wear they see only good when the team wins and a lot of bad when it loses.This is what passion is all about, I guess!

But I also find that there is a sort of censorship in comments.

Some players play well for a while and become taboos, criticizing them is like committing a religious offense.I see Huet and Ryder as the main ones now. The same seems to go for Gainey who seems to still enjoy his honeymoon immunity

Others get abused on a daily basis, for example Ribeiro, and this is OK, as he is the current local whipping boy.

You want positives, I find Ribeiro played very well vs. Carolina. His one flaw was that he definitely lacks a lethal shot, and he did everything but score. Had he put in that glorious chance in Game 6 (a matter of 1 or 2 centimeters, the goalie even looked over his shoulder)), all would be forgotten. Yet, almost everyone here has him waived, not tendered or traded for a 7th round pick, with nobody jumping up and down or being cynical that you may as well ask your GM to give away his whole team.

Acknowledging that Huet let in quite a few softies and that the series' winning goal was the worst one and saying the objective truth that Ryder hogged the puck and caused MANY turnovers and broken offensive plays including the fatal one is just realistic in my view.

My frustration is that people seem to want you to adopt their Gospel (Huet is God, Ribeiro is hell, etc.), failing which you get sarcastic or cynical answers thrown at you in total impunity!

I thought Ribeiro showed improvement over his last appearence in the playoffs, but still was physically shut down easily and imo wasn't overly effective. Personally I don't get the hate for him, just as I don't get the love for him either. Frankly I think there are some who seem to overlook the hockey and think more in terms of langauge, making it a French vs English thing which imo is really, really sad. But I have hope for Ribs (but not so much for fans cause I think some will always see a French/English thing)

Also for me it's not about positives, it's about how annoying the negative crap is when people are just looking at one side of it. My point is Beauchemin. Yea it sucks but everytime you see Begin crush someone or block a shot I hope you keep in mind it was Gainey that got him. I don't mind pointing out mistakes but lets look at it as a whole not well he made a mistake here and there and only post that.

As for Huet, hard to fault the guy that has stellar numbers (top 3 in gaa and save % in the playoffs, 1st in the regular season) I am not some huge fan of his but without him we would be talking about the draft a month ago. Yes he lets in some softies, lots of goalies do but not many goalies are among the league leaders in SO's, gaa and save %.

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