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Originally Posted by That View Post
He's a good hockey player, but he doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.

I wonder why he got another suspension.
Looks like he's having a rough week, getting suspended twice isn't a good way to kick off his final year of college hockey. Hopefully it's a wake up call to him as the coaching staff does not mess around (his coach was named top coach in the WCHA last year, runs a tight ship from what i've heard, lots of rumors about NHL teams interested in him) I would tend to agree that Kristo is not the sharpest tool in the shed, lucky for him he can be a very exciting player to watch.

I should be able to find out what the 2nd suspension is for as I have some contacts at ND that usually can provide good info.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Hey look, Whiskey's right yet again.

edit: This kid is more focused on college life than professional hockey. If he wasn't our prospect I wouldn't give the slightest damn, but he is our prospect and we wasted a draft pick (and spot at development camp for more worthy and deserving kids) on him.
I wouldn't call him a wasted draft pick, seems silly to do so as he was one of the top players in the NCAA last year and his line was easily one of the best lines in all of college hocky in large part to his play. Clearly the kid is more focused on college life then pro hockey but there's nothing wrong with wanting to stay in school as i'm sure he's having a good time. After this season he'll be a pro hockey player and then we'll see what he can do.

Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
People got to stop making excuses for this kid in terms of focus. He's not focused right now about hockey, and no one can deny that. He gets injured for being idiotic, gets suspended for being idiotic... gets suspended again for a separate affair that was probably idiotic.

No one is denying his speed, talent and (slow) progression on the ice... but he just seems like too much of a wild card off it. He will probably play in the NHL, but it doesn't mean we should brush off his stupid antics cause "he's young and in college".

He's a young NHL prospect in college... act like it!
I don't think anyone is making excuses for him in terms of focus. Personally I don't see a big deal with him doing stupid college things like drinking, which go on in every college all the time. What matters is what he does when he turns pro, and while you don't want to see him doing stupid things, it's up to management to figure out if it's a real concern or not since they will be privy to more details then anyone here.

Timmins liked him enough to make Kristo our 1st pick of the '08 draft, and while every 1st pick he's made for us has gone on to have his fair share of problems after being drafted, the results sure are looking good so hopefully for the Habs sake Kristo turns into something good for us in time. If not oh well.

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
You can have a discussion without passing judgments and/or making absolute statements (Like he's a wasted prospect). Only purpose of making absolutes is to further advance your ideals and cement and approve your personal biases as being "true".

it's not easy, because then your discussion actually needs some more info, and you would actually have to retrive it, by following set prospect. In this case, you want to spew out your opinion, which anyone who has read this thread can do, instead of getting involved in this prospect that "seems" to interest you. But that's alot of work, much easier to just "pass judgment" and formulate your opinion through set judgment.

Basically, all the dedication he has spent all his life to get where he is, has now been void by a few off ice issues. Which is false, because of lack of info you and others have on this terrible correlation.
I think that's a very good way of putting it. You and Mike8 both seem to understand the situation and have made good points. I agree 100% about having a discussion without passing judgments and/or making absolute statements.

Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
The only facts, real facts, we know are: he got suspended twice in one week for two unrelated incidents and his pro boss tells the media that he needs to get his act together.

I haven't seen him play, nor do I care seeing him until he gets to be a pro. Right now, he's an overaged student in a league vastly inferior to any respectable pro league.

And the ACTUAL facts tell me he needs some serious pro hockey counselling.

He maybe a solid talent. Really, prospects of his ilk have come and gone in ALL pro ranks over the years, either because of not getting their acts together, either because of recurring injuries or for various reasons. He's not alone.

It is ironic that the guy who was playing second fiddle to him on his USHL team will probably be playing with the Habs BECAUSE of his commitment to succeed.
While he's night and day to Leblanc, Kristo should play in the NHL based off his speed and skill. It's too bad he's not more like Leblanc who seems very serious about his career whereas Kristo likely enjoys having a little too much fun from what i've heard. It's nothing new to hear hockey players like to drink and party, hopefully he can mature a bit over the next couple of years but if not he'll likely end up some other teams problem by then.

Originally Posted by Dr. Charles View Post
It's unrelated, but people kicked out Ribeiro for less headlines than this kid has already.
Things that Rieiro did, didn't make the headlines but if true were much worse then anything Kristo has gotten in trouble for. I don't see the need to bring up Ribs though, this has nothing to do with him.

Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
Do we get a compensation pick like with Fischer if Kristo opts out?
No, Kristo was our 1st pick but in the 2nd round so we don't get any comp pick if the Habs opt not to sign him. Kristo can NOT opt out, he had to of done so before June 1st, which he didn't so now can't.

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