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09-23-2012, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by AwesomePanthers View Post
Yeah, basically. We have worked hard for those assets, and then toss them away on players that barely helps us short-term. If you think thats wise, then you would make a terrible GM.

We are fine with what we got, and dont need or want Lou. So please go bother the other teams that are "rumored" to have "interest" in Lou. Good luck with that.
Oh have you now? Like how Edmonton has "worked hard" to acquire their 3 1st overalls? The only thing that was worked hard in sucking to get high draft picks is an already small fan base's loyalty.

Depends... are you talking down one player to make your point? Isn't a GM's job to make a competitive team? A Team that wins more games then it loses? Does Luongo on the Panthers make them more or less competitive? Does he give them better or worse chances to win games?

I understand that you may not want Luongo but if you don't want to read all this & are feeling bothered why not just leave the thread? You don't have to be here, especially now that you know what the topic will revolve around.

Originally Posted by Intense Rage View Post
Theodore has a Vezina and a Hart.
How many years ago was that? How many teams ago was that? Is Theodore still anywhere near that level?

The Luongo now is a lot closer the the Luongo of 2006 then the Theodore of now is to the Hart/Vezina Winning Theodore of a DECADE ago. And if you noticed my list of accomplishments are all within the past 2 years.

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