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05-07-2006, 06:31 PM
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see, i think it's important for someone to know how to speak french if you're going to get involved in politics. But why on earth should it be an issue in sports???

The guy is a hockey icon for crying out loud! He brings so much more to this community and yet, he's still not good enough for certain people. He does'nt want to learn french. So freaking what? He doesnt need to do so. Sheesh...even if he did speak any french, do you think he'd speak it to the people to whom it matters? Like his teamates?

In the end, Koivu *could* just give in, and learn a bit more of french, just so these moronic reporters shut the hell up. But it still wont be enough. They'll still find something else to gripe about...

Im sure some of them dont even care, it's all about the publicity, the shocking issue. It helps them sell their stuff. And when you rely on criticizing someone for not speaking a certain language to sell your stock, you know your stock isnt worth much...

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