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12-05-2003, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Allan
He was being played as a backup for the Isles before he came here, and wasn't playing particularly well, but that was probably more due to the situation, and how unhappy he was there, than playing time. His play improved drastically when he became the man here, but again, that may be more because he was happy than being #1.

I remember an odd story from a few years ago. Apparently, though he never looks any more intense than a resting sloth, Salo gets so tense before games that he throws up. He just always looks cool and composed, or at least that was the case at the time. I don't think that there is any lack of preparation or intensity, I just think that he doesn't look like there is. Hopefully it's just confidence and injury, both of which are well on the way to recovery.
Like a duck that looks all calm above water......but his legs are going like mad below the water?

Well like I said......I have no ideas how he prepares. I can see you do though. That's not very uncommon either, for goalies to throw up. Hell I was a forward and I threw up before some important games too.

Salo played 6 games in his first season and 10 in his second. Nobodys going to play good in that role. Coming in cold every 8-14 games. The first season he shared duties (3rd season) he played 56 games and got 5 shutouts.

Curious if you've ever heard "rumours" of him actually ever pointing the finger at himself after a bad perfomance. Because if so, I've heard rumours of the contrary. In fact I've seen him say it himself. He will never say it was a bad goal. It's always a "lucky" goal. Yea Tommy. Lucky. Lucky for the other team, that you totally seived on that

Anyway, I hope he just bounces back. And I won't care how he prepares then....

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