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Originally Posted by Victorious Secret View Post
I bought Oblivion and played it for a couple hours. I put it down for about a year. Started playing it again and realized it was my favorite game. The start is sooooooooo boring, but it just takes off from there. Oblivion was game of the year and Skyrim was heads above it. The advancements the last decade are nothing short of amazing.
I just could not figure out where to go at all when I started.

Here is what I remember about playing the game:

I came out of the sewers and went exploring. I found some camp full of people, got in a big fight, and killed all of them. That's kinda cool. Found myself in some big city and tried to buy/sell some stuff. Then I was a gladiator for a little bit.

Then I went exploring again and found some small town being attacked by demons from some portal. I got killed and lost a lot of time. I went exploring again and found some horse somewhere and rode around on that for a while and found some small village. I think I rescued someone from a vampire in a cave underneath a waterfall or something.

That's all I remember. None of that was part of the main story, IIRC. I just had no idea what was going on and quit.

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