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09-23-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by jordan7hm View Post
If I want to listen to shock jock radio, I'll listen to it being done far, far better than the Team does it. Not on a local AM station, for one thing.

The Team is sports radio, not Howard Stern (who is better than anyone on the Team).
Shock Jock?? When did I say that 1200 radio is shock jock. I think the guys keep it pretty real and I like when they go off a bit with a personal story. Just because they comment how hot a chick is, doesnt mean theyre trying to be shocking or edgy. They cant just talk scores and stats all the time for 24 hours.

Hahaha and Howard Stern is a dick, hes had about a handful of funny moments in his 40 years...

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