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09-23-2012, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Justified View Post
That last play is on Reid, take the 3 points with 6 seconds left.
Each of the previous pass plays--where Vick held the ball for longer than he needed to and threw it further into the crowd than he needed to--took 6 seconds.

There was time to run a play. There wasn't time for Vick to do his song-and-dance routine in the pocket.

And that's before the not-protecting-the-ball debacle.

Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16 View Post
Anyone who thinks it is all on Vick is stunned. This is a **** team that should be 0 - 3. Too bad, as maybe changes would actually be made.

Vick is awful, but fatty's dream O line is worse. Tom Brady would look like **** on this team.
It's hard to figure which is worse--the line or the quarterback--but I think we can agree that the combination isn't working real well.

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