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09-23-2012, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by jimmythescot View Post
Why do the people who make male fragrance advertisements think that an extreme close up of a seemingly topless guys crotch area as he slowly slides his hands into his pants is going to appeal to the majority of men?
Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Maybe they assume guys' wives/girlfriends will want them to get it? I don't know. Stupid advertising.
Originally Posted by Mason10 View Post
maybe because it appeals the female audience who in turn, would want their male partner to become like the male model in the advertisement, thus leading to the male partner buying the fragrance in order to please his female partner? yeahh?
It's just like the female fragrance commercials, the opposite sex wants their partner to look and smell like the person on TV does. All the guys on the fragrance commercials have difinitive 6-packs and are extremely fit, while most girls have really nice curves and a good look. The advertisement is, "smell like this and you'll be perceived like that."


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