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What do you think the 2015-2016 roster will look like?

I'm curious to see what our fans think the roster will look like, which prospects will make the jump? How far up the lineup will they get? Who do you think we will likely resign that is already on the team? Try and limit signings outside of the current coyotes franchise, as well as trades. Give feedback on why you think a player is going to make it as far as he does, and why other players will move down in the lineup. Keep in mind this is four seasons from now, that is a lot of time for some of our prospects to develop. Ill start us off.

Boedker - Vermette - Samuelsson
Miele - Hanzal - Vrbata
Korpikoski - Gordon - Hextall
Szwarz - Martinook - Doan
+Shinninmin, Lessio, Werek, Brown, Larraza

OEL - Ghormley
Yandle - Michalek
Rundblad - Stone
+Melindy, Murphy


Ill start off with the first line and work my way down. Barring a 1st line center becoming available via free agency or trading for one I could see Vermette still sitting as the 1a/1b center for us. He will be 34 which could prove rough but I wont speculate on who we could get to replace him, I don't think we have anyone in the system that could do it. The there is Samuelsson, this could be a stretch for him to be on the top line but hes a big bodied, well skilled power forward. At 22 its more likely for him to be on the 3rd or 4th line to finish development but Im going to be optimistic here, plus I don't care to speculate on who we would sign or trade for.

The second line is basically intact with Hanzal and Vrbata, and as I have said before I could see Miele being a top six player, but as a winger, not a center. I just get this feeling his size is going to make it hard on him to be a center at the NHL level. Regardless, he could preform well on that line, and I don't see his skill set holding him back.

Again, the third line would stay basically intact with Korp and Gordon except for the addition of Hextall. I think this kid will be a third or fourth liner in the NHL, should be good defensively and be a good checker, don't think he will add a lot of offense though.

The fourth line is a bit young with both Szwarz and Martinook, but with Doan getting older (39) and declined he could be a fantastic mentor to the two, this is also not to say that one or both of them haven't already been in the league for two-three years so we are not introducing two rookies. We would also have pretty good looking group of guys to fill in should they all follow the correct development path.

We would see the likes of Sullivan, Moss, Torres, Johnson, Chipchura, and Bissonnette leave via trade or FA.

Our first defensive paring would be OEL and Gormley, I don't think many of us would contest that Gormley wont make it to the NHL in the next two seasons so in four its not out of reach to say he could be the partner of OEL, though he would likely have to be moved to the right side. Our next pairing would consist of Yandle and Michalek. Pretty self explanatory there. After that we have a slew of players that by this time could be in the line-up, and many of which could be traded for picks, prospects, and players. I went with Rundblad and Stone. I feel the two would complement each other the best and give us the best chance to win. That leaves Murphy and Melindy as the 7th and 8th guys.

Summers, Schlemko, Klesla, Morris, and Goncharov would be traded or lost to FA.

Last is the goalies, unless Smith breaks down like he did in Tampa Bay (which I feel is unlikely), I think he will be our starting goalie with one of Visentin or Domingue backing him up. Lee will either bust or be traded.

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