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09-23-2012, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Ambassador Of Fun View Post
The advent of Youtube makes the poll hard, as well as the age of most of your friends I would assume. I know in elementary school for me (1995-2000), the entire school did the Macarena during school assemblies for a couple years. I don't think that is happening with Gangnam Style, but Gangnam Style is on regular rotation on radio stations more so than the Macarena. I'd say in 50 years, they will be looked back at as a very similar concept.
Shouldn't be anything too difficult about asking them which seems to be the larger cultural phenomena. One also has the benefit of having been introduced to Gangnam Style while visiting me, only to return home to find it had made its appearance State-side.

The majority of my friends are 24-30.

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