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09-23-2012, 11:42 PM
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Go clubbing. Club sucks ass. Leave club. Think about calling the night a huge loss decided to go towards other club instead. While walking towards club see two girls having terrible time. Friend walks up to the girls. Girls didn't get into the club that we just left and were upset having to wait for two hours. Tell the girls to come with us. They do. We cut through the line up and get in for free. Some random guy starts hitting on one of the girls we were with. The guy was a creep, but he kept buying shots for the girl. Friend tells the guy that the girl is his cousin. If you buy her drinks you have to buy it for everyone and you'll probably get lucky. The guy ends up buying us all shots, 4 rounds each. We have a good time at the club. we leave the club. We end up droping em off at the night bus and along the way there was a fountain and the girls wanted to go in. We end up going in. And we dropped em off got the numbers.

Walking back to where we were staying at in DT. And go to this pizza shop the guy gave us a whole medium for free along with wings, and pop.

Good night.

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