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05-07-2006, 10:23 PM
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I thing it's time to acknowledge that both sides have their right to their opinions and that there's some stupid things that are said from one side and the other.

Sorry but I believe it's as stupid for that journalist to have ask the question, mostly a generalist journalist that knows nothing about hockey and this in a middle of a PC regarding this serious injury, as it's stupid to make a big thing out of this and say that players won't be coming here anymore and blah, blah, blah. Deeply sorry, but Koivu himself said that the players that do not want to deal with that kind of pressure is not welcome here.... But again nobody ever asked Markov, Rivet, Souray and the rest to speak French it's all about being the Captain, the representation of the greatest franchise in hockey history. The guy is so much an icon here that if he would've said from time time, Bonjour and Merci Beaucoup, nobody here would've said a single thing.

Besides, nobody wants him to speak and become fluidly bilingual, nobody wants to interview him on political issues, or the global warming problem we may have, but only on hockey and how was the game, what do you expect from next game etc.....
He could, if he would, learn the ''basic french hockey language'' to satisfy everybody but he decided not to and explained very well that he doesn't need to so he doesn't want to. He said it clearly that being a Montreal Captain is in the dressing room and on the ice and not in front of journalists or in a hospital. That's his take, a take that I'm not agreeing with but that's how it is. I believe his message of perseverance, fight, battling obstacles is so great that it is a little sad that he cannot explain that directly to kids in hospital that makes Saku their greater idol of all time.... We obviously make a big thing of the Montreal's captain, but hockey changed and people should understand that.

But most importantly, the minute that they destroyed the Old Forum, for me, it means the end of everything we knew and that everything could be changed. Pisses me off when I hear about not really willing to make some adjustments to the shirt since it's sacred....You've destroyed the most sacred place in hockey, there's nothing sacred anymore, not the shirt, not the captaincy, not the language you speak. It's a business, and should be addressed that way. No sports idols should be put on piedestal, but the only thing you can do is acknowledge the efforts those guys make on the ice and off it. And battling a cancer for me is enough efforts to make me like a person.....The fact that one of my fav player doesn't speak my language is sad a little, but the fact that this guy works his butt off on the ice, win his battles off the ice and doesn't shy away from what he thinks is right and speak is mind is enough to make me forget he doesn't say Merci beaucoup at the end of the interview......

The easier thing Saku could do is gave his captaincy to Begin or whatever, that would be the easiest thing to do 'cause being a non-francophone captain is the problem, but guess what, this is still too important for him to give it away, since he thinks it's too big of a deal. Why can't be ****in acknowledge that and let him live his life.....Stop talking about the players that do not want to play here 'cause of all the fuss around team and start caring about the players that are already in and do not want to leave.

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