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I think playmaker is probably the best winger build in the game. It can obviously pass the best, but the surprising thing is that imo it can snipe better than snipers can due to the higher offensive awareness. The higher offensive awareness seems to make up for the expensive WSP. And it has decent defensive and atheletic attributes.

At center, I'm still torn between TWF and playmaker. The TWF is godly at faceoffs and is so frakking fast, but I find the playmaker has much better agility and puck control.

Also, the short side is unbelievably easy to score on in this game. It's so bad right now that I think EA has to patch it once everyone starts getting their legends because everyone will be able to score that way. It's not even a toe drag curve or anything like that. You just pull back for a wrister and then fade to the center or far side of the ice and then flick it back in short side. You don't have to deke with your stick, you don't have to move your stick to curve the shot. The worst part of it is that sometimes you can mess it up and it still goes in because the goalie still doesn't have high enough short side attributes.


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