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Originally Posted by The Great One
Brule is taller then Plekanec and Koivu. 5'11 isn't small, it's average.

Anyways, he plays way bigger then his size. He plays like he's 6'2 180. I've liked him since day one. He'd have been a good fit for the Montreal canadiens. They lack of a gritty, skilled second line center. He has sick goalscoring skills and he has no flaws, in his offensive game. I've said since day one, habs will regret not picking this guy. Well, Price ain't a no name...he seems to be solid goaltender.
Corey Locke was a pretty good offensive player as well.....Won a couple of titles if I'm not mistaken....As far as Brule playing like 6'2'' 180 I agree. He hits like a 6'2'' and immediately gets injured like a 180......An injury prone player does not really help your team....But again, I disliked the Price pick at the time, still I'm not sure how it will turn around, I remember that I didn't like his U-18 performance, so far his consistency seems the big issue.

Besides, we oriented our pick for a need in goaltending. Why is it then that it's the Habs who made the mistake??? What about the Wild and super Pouliot who made a tremendous impact at the WJC. Everybody was talking about how Latendresse was a flop, obviously because he was an Habs prospect, but how was Pouliot really, you know that 4th pick overall......Would Brule would've been better in that championship compare to Pouliot??? The 2 goaltenders that made it are Pogge and Dubnyk, Pogge was 1 year older and do you seriously think Dubnyk has more potential than Price???? What about the great Pogge, remember when he played for his previous team with a save percentage of around .880????

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