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09-24-2012, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Saku View Post
I disagree with Serie A being way slower. It may be between lower seeded teams but watch a Juve vs Inter or vs Roma or any other top club and you'll see a great pace.

Also, the reason I like Serie A is that a lot of domestic players play there and they are very emotionnally attached to their respective team, so you could feel the passion on the field. A lot more brawls happen in Serie A too. I reckon Serie A is no longer a top 3 league but it's been always my favorite league.

Unless a huge surprise happen I dont see other than Juve winning this year again. Great team.
Which 'top clubs' are you talking about? I like Serie A, but Juventus are the only club that can be regarded as a top one right now and even they don't play dynamic football. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing, Serie A has other qualities as I've stated before but tempo is not one of them.

Agreed on the second paragraph as well as on the last one. There's still a lot of quality left in Italy, even though many players have left over the last season or two. Actually, it speaks volumes on how good Serie A is - look at PSG, their key players came from Italian league, City's buying in Italy, Udinese has been producing top-end talent lately, etc.

We can discuss how, ermmm....disorganised Inter or Milan are, how Roma's been struggling for quite some time and how poor Serie A's getting. While some of it is certainly true, I think one factor is being omitted oftenly - how they look down on Europa League. Look at German teams and how well they've performed in Europa League lately, same goes for Portuguese teams. It's a pity in my opinion, it shows that the league as a unit is not working together in order to fight the crisis.

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