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Originally Posted by Chelios View Post
Their last 2 seasons:

Kane: 139 point in 155 games

Toews: 133 points in 139 games

Your point would be valid if Kane scored significantly more points than Toews and people were still saying that they are similar offensively. But, over the past 2 seasons, Toews has actually scored at a higher pace than Kane, while being much better in every other part of the game.

Its actually ironic because on the main boards there is often this perception that Toews is extrememly overrated, and yet I feel that among Hawks fans he is actually underrated, especially when compared to Kane. It was a popular opinion on the Hawks' board that Kane was every bit as valuable as Toews, that has changed somewhat after last season, but as you can see from this thread there are still certain fans that believe that is the case. I don't know if it is an American vs Canadian thing or what, but I have always found that many Hawks fans actually don't give Toews enough credit.
I never said Toews was a bad player. But Kane is still an elite player and when his offense is on, I'll take it pretty easily over Toews'. I've already said in this thread that I think Toews is more valuable than Kane (just by the mere fact that Toews is a center, so that's pretty easy IMO).

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