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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
I'll have to keep that in mind for the next game that isn't nationally televised. The only problem is Blacksburg is easily 45 minutes from my apartment in town. None of the Skins fans were outright rude, just the normal jabs, but when the eagles completely crapped their pants, it was the last thing I wanted to hear. Do you know much about Roanoke by any chance? I just moved here about a week ago and don't have a single clue about what there is to do here. I work with a bunch of older railroad dudes that were no help in giving me the rundown.
Nah, I don't know a lot about the Roanoke scene so I'm afraid I can't suggest any bars. I only knew enough to realize I was better off staying in Blacksburg; there's a pretty healthy number of Flyers fans there too, the VT population creates a mixing bowl of pro sports loyalties so it's a pretty good place to watch games without getting hounded by meth-addled hicks. Roanoke is the capitol of nowhere and far too many locals are just crap. You should definitely avoid venturing into Roanoke County...that's where the lunatics go to build their mountain bunkers.

Roanoke just really isn't my favorite place. There's some decent towns in that area, but IMO Roanoke isn't one of them. It's comparable to the redneck area of Baltimore, only a lot more isolated. Essentially any town in western VA that ends in "burg" is a good place. Any place that doesn't end in burg sucks.

I suggest you get acquainted with Southernnnnnnn EXXXposssssssURRREeeee in Bluefield. It's...amusing.

Down in the basement, I've got a Craftsman lathe. Show it to the children when they misbehave.

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