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09-24-2012, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
... Or maybe it's simply that he's an incredibly dynamic player with very obvious potential to be a perennial 90+ point player.

Wait, it is.

Hence you can surely understand Chicago fans' unwillingness to let him go.
He has the potential to be a 90+ point player, but he never has been. Lots of guys have the potential to produce more than they have, but that doesn't mean their trade value is that of a player that actually does produce those numbers. Alex Kovalev was an incredibly dynamic player with obvious potential to put up huge points, only problem was he didn't do it very often.

I can understand the Chicago fans not wanting to deal him, but it seems this thread and any other thread started on here that involves trading Kane is started by a Chicago fan. Then when the other fanbase doesn't want to give up their stars you and the other Chicago fans all come in yelling about his potential and how great he is. We all know when you have a player that is playing under his potential then you're better off to keep him then sell low, so what's this big push on with Chicago fans to deal him? Keep him if he's so valuable to you, but you can't act like Chicago fans are the only ones that know hockey when your proposals are rejected.

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