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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
With respect to adjusted scoring mean-based, I don't think that's actually accurate. References to bell curves are out of place as well. Adjusted scoring does not care about the distribution of goals among players. If it's a bell curve or a power-law curve, the same adjustment will be applied.

For instance:

Here the actual results are in blue. The red is the curve transformed by traditional adjustment (assuming the scoring level is adjusted downward). The purple curve is what should happen with percentile-based adjustment, where the best players are less affected than other players.

Adjusted scoring does not assume a bell curve, and it doesn't use a bell curve. Its adjustments are distribution-neutral.
Thank FSM that Iain is here, talking to Dalton.

This is the exact post I had buried in my logic somewhere but was unable to properly demonstrate or verbalize.

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