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09-24-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Kind of hard to do that when you've got Edler & Hamhuis playing the same side... no? If we needed to play him 20 mins we could but we don't because the 2 players that are ahead of Ballard on our defensive depth chart just happen to be our 2 best dmen.

You guys need to get this through your skulls because it has been said numerous times:


In fact if you guys actually paid attention you'd realize he played quite well last year compared to his first year in Vancouver.
did I say last year. the fact he got injured hurts the the canucks fans case, during the cup run he was a healthy scratch and AHLERS played in front of him..Tanev and Alberts say hello for this case


capital letters make you look silly, immature and just help reinforce the view that many fan bases have that canuck fans are unable to discuss a point without acting like a two year old. The facts are only SOME (done only because I know not all canucks fan believe it) Ballard is no longer a top 4 d-man and he has a bad contract. Ballard when he played was the whipping boy for many canuck fans in the fact when the pressure was on he made bad passes and could not see the ice that well. Ballard has 3 y at 4.25m left. The fact the canucks went so hard at Garrison in the off season tells you a lot about how the canucks view him and his potential. In two season he has been a healthy scratch and injured. Vancouver (some) can put up the argument, but back it up with facts and not opinion.


question: How many times did Ballard play 20+minutes in a game last year? How many times did Ballard crack double digits in pts in his two years with the Canucks?--I believe the answer is zero.


3 years at 4.25m for a player playing under 20minutes a game and not scoring pts is not a good thing. No one will pay 4.25mill for a 5-6 d-man who has both been injured and healthy scratch for two years


Fact: Canucks shopped heavily to get another top 4 d-man on their roster and signed Garrison Opinion: If Ballard was still a top 4 d-man why did the canucks go so hard for another top 4 d-man when they had Ballard. Canuck fans have a love in with Tanev and a few other guys on the farm who will be pushing for minutes on the ice and Ballard is most likely to suffer from this

feel free to rebut this facts with your facts and not opinions

two requests:
1) No caps for complete sentences please (make you look silly)
2) Argue the facts and not opinions

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