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09-24-2012, 04:49 PM
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I'm usually the last guy in the world to complain about video games. I've only recently started getting editions each year, since the online component is so fun and no one's playing NHL12 online when 13 is out.

But I was extremely disappointed with NHL13. There's just some things they can and should do with it that are so easy (based on other EA Sports games).

#1 - Create A Team.
In the NCAA Football game, you can create a team ONLINE and then import it into the game. This allows you to quickly do all the uniforms instead of searching for your color 36 times to do the gloves and pads.

And you can upload your own logo and name them WHATEVER YOU WANT. Why can you name your club teams whatever you want, but not in the game?

At least let us swap/add AHL teams and their logos/unis in the NHL.

You're also limited to a 23-man roster in Create-A-Team. Why can't I put everyone who's PHX property onto the Quebec Nordiques (err, I'm sorry, they have to be the Quebec City Nijnas or whatever).

And the only mode you can actually use created teams in is basically "SEASON."

#2 - Realignment
Realignment is definitely a hot topic in the NHL. Give us the ability to set up a league how we want it.

We should be able to pick our number of teams (18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, or 36), our number of conferences (1-4)/divisions (1-4), and put those teams where we want them; and set the schedule to a number of options.

If you can do NCAA realignment with 120 football teams and various division alignments, you should be able to do it with the NHL.

There should be a League Configuration screen at the start of EVERY GAME MODE. Options on importing created teams, picking your alignment and the schedule.

How many more people would play GM Connected if you could get rid of PHX, FLA, CBJ, NASH, etc., and move CAR back to HART, add HAM, QUE, SEA, etc to the league and actually play all the game modes with your city involved?

#3 - Be A Pro
-- MLB The Show (yes, I realize this isn't an EA game) lets you name players what ever you want, but also has announcer name fields. If your created players names (first and last) are on the master lists, the PA and Play-by-Play announcers will say it.

-- It claimed that the ice time was more realistic. Yet, I'm still averaging 4 long shifts a game because the gate isn't open when it should be. It keeps calling me for a change when I'm on the PK and in my own zone. I'm not giving up a 5-on-3 to hit the bench, then we clear and it's closed and you can't get off the ice. And of course, then they're be times where my shift starts on a face-off, the puck is frozen after two seconds and I'm back on the bench.

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