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Originally Posted by TrueGrit View Post
That's right. Kariya turned down $10 million I believe for $2 million. Kariya and Selanne went on to have their most disappointing seasons of their career to which some have called it bad karma for trying to stack the deck.
No, Kariya did not turn down a $10M contract, the Ducks did - they chose not to offer him a $10M QO and instead let him become a UFA.

As soon as I read this thread, I knew someone would bring up Kariya with the usual bits of misinformation.

C&P from yet another Kariya thread.

Originally Posted by kdb209
Kariya did NOT sign with Colorado for a cheap one year deal out of the goodness of his heart, because he wanted to play with Teemu, or because he wanted a Cup - he signed that deal because it allowed him to become a UFA again. He became a UFA at an early age in '03 because teh Ducks declined to offer him a QO.

That cheap deal allowed him to become a Group V UFA - 10 pro years and earning less than the Average League Salary.

If he signed anywhere for a higher salary (> league average) he would have become a RFA again - he would not have become UFA eligible again until '06-'07 (under the 31 yo rule of the old CBA).

He saw he was not going to get a big payday then, so he signed the cheap one year deal - which allowed him to shoot for the big payday and long-term contract the next year. Any other considerations were secondary.

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