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05-08-2006, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
You really need to take off your I hate the Knights hat and at least try to be consistent.

You were remarkably quick to brand Bolland for his incident and now this. Contact with a skate, as light as it was netted him 4 games. While the spear by Downie was not a hard shot (pretty much par with the contact made by Bolland on Laser Angelidis) it was a deliberate act and a spear none the less. It was after the period ended as well.
Yup, I hate the Knights and I don't care to hide it.

Bolland kicked the guy and by the precedent set out by the league, kicking is unacceptable. So what? He got what he deserved. I only argued against people who denied it ever happened or who thought it wasn't deserving of suspension. Had no one in the history of the OHL ever been suspended for kicking, I would not have cared if he was suspended or not. For the sake of consistency, I wanted him suspended.

Downie I'm sure will get what he deserves too. But have you ever seen someone suspended for doing what he did? Where's the precedent? I've seen it a bunch of times during games and nothing comes of it. But right, we're talking about a certain name, so he must be suspended for doing anything. And yes, doing that sort of thing is part of his game. As bush league as you call it, that's who he is and I love him for it. He's not afraid to do what it takes. He crosses the line and pisses you and a lot of other people off in the process, he's a-okay in my books. As you said Jr, he definitely hurt Martinelli but it didn't injure him. So it can't be that serious, can it?

What really bugs me about fans like you is that the Knights are the most sleazy, manipulative team out there, and you're going to complain about this? Perhaps you didn't see how that idiot of a coach acted all game, imagine him having the balls to call out another team for diving when the two or three biggest divers in league history play or have played for him in the last few years. Or how about Schremp crying like a baby all game (especially after it was over) because things didn't go his way. He was throwing cheap shots behind the play that the camera caught numerous times. Or maybe you'd like to discuss the two deliberate head shots delivered at high speed by Belan that are far more deserving of suspension than the little jab by Downie.

And thanks for pointing out that it was a national broadcast because I'm pretty damn sure the only people who embarassed themselves coast to coast were Dale Hunter and Rob Schremp.

I don't try to hide my bias when it comes to Downie because I'm sick of people jumping to conclusions and labelling him as a menace just because he's Branch's favourite pin cushion. I lose all objectivism the minute his name is brought up because I know I'm outnumbered 100-1 when it comes to attacking vs. defending him and I also know that those 100 people are going to be just as stubborn and lose all sight of the facts because they heard the name "Downie". It's pathetic how people respond when he pulls a little stunt like this in a game filled with cheap shots and dirty plays.

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