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Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
They're not taking union jobs from other union members, are they? Were they on strike, it might be a different matter; but they're not, they've been locked out of their workplace. Think of it as outside work to stay sharp and active! These guys have worked virtually all their lives to reach the top level of their sport. Not only must they play to keep sharp in order to maintain their status among the elite, but playing hockey is what they love to do. If I'm not mistaken, you play for the fun of it, why shouldn't they be able to do what they love to do for fun and profit? Not to mention that they have mortgages and bills to pay, just like the rest of us!
While yes its a lock out, their union is also taking a hard lined stance on their demands, so it almost an equal lockout. Theyre taking less money (what theyre fighting against) to play over seas. Of course they have the right to play, but when its coming down to union matters, theyre still taking jobs away from other players because they dont want to be the first ones to 'blink'...who more then likely have a tougher time paying their mortgage then the NHLers players do

Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
Yes, and when guys are sent to Springfield to rehab, they're taking ice time away from young fellow players in their own organization. Euro players are taking N. American jobs when they come over here to play, and now, those who return are taking jobs from their fellow countrymen. Again, the locked out players are not taking union jobs from fellow union members when they go overseas. It's a union matter, not a hockey matter. That's how I see it, anyway.
You are correct that its a union matter.....the other examples are part of the standard work flow. These job losses are caused because they dont want to make less money and are going elsewhere to get their money. Just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe the euro leagues have it right, get rid of unions!

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