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09-24-2012, 07:13 PM
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I think the thing that pi**es me off more than anything is the feeling of being completely impotent in this situation. The players are holding their line, and are probably the greatest athletes in any sport for making themselves available to the regular fan. But they can go play in Europe/Russia and still make good coin.

As has been observed, the owners aren't terribly concerned because the die-hard fans have shown that they will return with no hard feelings whenever the millionaires and the billionaires get around to agreeing on how to divide up our money.

Not that I am bitter or anything, but I was racking my brain last week, trying to figure out a way to send them a message. So here is my idea.

For each cancelled game, I am going to send CBJ an email, telling them exactly what I did that night, instead of coming to NWA and cheering my team. I'll also drop exactly how much that activity cost me, and how much of my money they would have gotten if I had gone to the game. I may also say how much fun I had, and other benefits I am deriving away from the rink (building relationships, starting a new hobby, meeting new friends, recovering from addiction to $9 beer, enjoying steak dinners for the price I would have paid for hotdogs, etc.)

The purpose? Maybe no one will notice, but if enough people do it, they will get the idea that they can't take fans for granted.

Especially fans that have suffered through 10 years of the absolute worst hockey in the league.

And we may find a better return for our entertainment dollars.

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