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09-24-2012, 07:22 PM
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This isn't like the nhl, these are teenagers who are paid a pittance from what the ohl teams make off of them. He gave the peterborough petes organisation a couple years and went through quite a bit, he was the last to leave out of Watson, Spooner, and Kassian. This is more like ray bourque leaving boston, this is his final year in junior. Last time to be closer and spend more time with his family before starting professional hockey, the last chance to win an ohl championship and a memorial cup. There's not a chance in heck peterborough is going to do that.

It's his last oppurtunity for many things and this isn't like being in the nhl as a paid professional this is a common thing and often for a good reason; as for being demanding take the OHL draft, if an undesirable organisation wants to draft you or has a pick in the area many players would have simply stated they were going to college etc or say they wouldn't report, (jeff skinner, tyler seguin among huge numbers of players), that is why they were drafted so low, Ryan O'reilly was drafted 1st overall but that wasn't because he was the best prospect, it's because the others guys fell in the draft because of the games that are VERY commonly played. Why do you players do this? It's because certain teams are better than others for developing players or there is that perception. Many teams work on improving that, Windsor is now a desirable place to go but at one time it wasn't at all. Peterborough is not a desired place to go (and that many players leaving shows that something is up there) but Matt Puempel went and reported and didn't demand any teams or do the college game and played for a team known to be a lower class of a team and he did it for years until his final chance to do a lot of different things has come.

Puempel is a really nice guy, and actually the Ottawa organisation encouraged him to go for it, getting the experience of that success and and having a strong season is very important, he's had his past seasons derailed by various issues. I think he's a player of immense potential but is misunderstood by many people, old school hockey guys know why Puempel is highly regarded, he's a master of the black arts of hockey.

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