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05-08-2006, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Bullseye!
I won't find anything if you keep turning it into your own personal soapbox about how you are a morally superior fan than everyone else. Now you want to actually tell me how he did? Difference is that you have already been proven to be a hypocrite, while ******* is more or less subjective thing.Uh I think I made it pretty clear I wasn't a Sabres fan when I said why I was reading this thread in the first place.
I said you took the side of a Sabre fan with too much time on his hands, I understand you're a Caps fan.

Anyways, enough of this bickering, I'll try to be helpful and get this back on track.

I haven't had a lot of time to watch the Petes this year but the one thing I've noticed about Jordan is how cool he is with the puck. He never panics and sometimes appears to be moving in slow motion just because he makes his play look so effortless. He always makes the right play and has some nifty moves for a big kid. A lot of people say he was the best player on the ice from both sides in game two, and that's a high praise considering how good Bolland and Schremp are (although Bolland has been invisible for most of the playoffs).

Scribe, Dennis has the famous "lower body injury" that was either sustained or discovered during warmups, although someone on an OHL forum is claiming it was known the day before that he was hurt. Mason looked very good and had some highlight reel saves. He was the very last thing on the list of "why the Knights lost game two". On the game winning goal in OT, the Knight defenseman bumped into him after some contact with the Petes player and it knocked him out of position leaving an easy tap in. It was actually too bad, he handled himself well and I would've liked to have seen him come away with a victory for stepping into a tough situation and performing the way he did.

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