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09-24-2012, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
This is just hypothetical if there's no season this year, but the Jets could have great odds at winning the draft lottery. If the NHL followed the same concept as they did in 2005, Winnipeg and Toronto would be the only 2 teams that would have 3 balls in the lottery.

The formula back in 2005 was that each team received 3 balls i the lottery. Each team lost 1 ball for every playoff or #1 overall pick in the previous 4 years of play. The least amount of balls a team could have was 1, no matter how many playoff appearances or #1 picks they received during the 4 years prior. Using this formula we would have the max of 3 balls (along with Toronto). So there is some possible good to not playing this season for us Jets fans. I would still prefer to resume hockey this year, but it's not a bad consolation prize.

Just thought I'd bring up a new topic, since the lack of an NHL season has been a long 1 for most of us rabid fans.
CBJ would have multiples because they also have 2 other teams first picks.

On the mainboard they actually broke down the odds and a few times ran some simulations.

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