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09-24-2012, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
That's 150-200k in addition to the already absurd amount being taken off your salary already. Just think about it, after takes, you will only net 1.8 million of your 4 million dollar salary. Less than half.

For me it's just the principle that the government is getting more from your salary than you are. Kind of sad that you don't even get the majority share of your own money. And this has nothing to do with hockey players, but all occupations. But I guess you can say that it doesn't matter because you are making 130k anyway. Still doesn't change the fact that the government takes the majority share of what I earn. What if my wife has a stroke and can't work and we have 4 kids...I am supposed to support 4 kids and a dependant only clearing 58k?

And yes, I as a player wouldn't come here from that extra 200k I would lose, in addition to the already enormous amount I lose playing in Quebec. Hell, it goes beyond hockey, even if I was a doctor I wouldn't want to work here. Add to the that all the tax on gas, the tax on goods and now the upcoming increase in tax on capital gains. It's pretty ridiculous. Quebec gives no incentive for people with Money to stay here or invest, which just hurts everyone in the long.

As a player I would totally see this increase as a disincentive. Taking home less than half isn't attractive at all.
But at the end of the day, you still make your millions of dollars at your dream job.
And unless you want to go play in a city where hockey is one of the least supported professional sport, where you don't have to pay high taxes, you won't escape dishing out a big chunk of change to the government. Taxes are high in NYR as well, you never hear about how taxes are too high there.

Take a bigger tax hit in order to play in the most storied franchise in the NHL? Ya, why not?

Also, if you have a good accountant, you won't actually be dishing out 55% when all is said and done.

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