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09-24-2012, 11:04 PM
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Does this organization have focus groups where they ask, "If you were a long time season ticket holder, what could we possibly do to really piss you off?"

1. Where are the free jerseys I was promised when I renewed my tickets? I guess I don't get those until they decide to get around to giving me the other product (i.e. hockey) that I paid for several months ago?

2. I will not be going with option #3 because of the poison pill they stuck in it. I have stuck with a **** team for a decade because I wanted to see them turn in around *in my seats*. Now when they finally turn the corner they threaten to boot me if I don't lend them money for a few months? Nice. Great way to build brand loyalty.

It's okay though. I'll respond the way I did the last time they slapped me in the face. I simply won't spend a dime at the arena next season (whenever the hell that is). Last year I easily spent thousands in non ticket related items (food, beer, jerseys, candy for kids, etc.). That will go down to $0 next season.

To be honest with you, I am so thoroughly disgusted with the abject stupidity and hubris of the parties involved (especially the owners) that I don't really give a flying puck at this point if and when they ever get around to playing hockey again.


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