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09-24-2012, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
but the taxpayers didnt get stuck with the bill.

listen, the sens were a terrible business investment in the 90's. Any canadian nhl team outside of toronto (even montreal) was a terrible business investment in the 90's. If a private investor wanted to take that risk, fine.

if the taxpayers had built them an arena, they still would have gone bankrupt, because they still lost tons of money and had borrowed the initial expansion fee. And then a new owner would have walked in and demanded more money from the taxpayers to 'operate' (read subsidize) the arena, all for the noble cause of keeping the team in ottawa (or else i'll go to houston).

ottawa would have been exactly like glendale is right now - stuck between blackmail and a white elephant.
Oh, absolutely. No doubt about it, I completely agree with all of this.

My point was only that you said "bruce firestone, who figured out how to build an arena without public funds", and I wanted to point out that while he found a way to do it, it was possibly the worst way imaginable to do it. Sure, it was one step above public financing, but that's like saying that stepping in 1lb of manure is better than stepping in 2lbs of it.

They bungled almost every step of it. Points to them for actually getting the thing built, but it should be a case study in civil engineering and project management classes on how to avoid making the worst possible decisions on a project of it's size.

So yeah. We're definitely better for the way everything worked out, I think I just wanted to point out the pitfalls of comparing our arena history and scenarios to the theater that is being played out now in Edmonton between Katz and the city. If Katz used the Sens blueprint for building an arena, I would question both his business acumen and his sanity.

We cool.

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