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09-24-2012, 11:10 PM
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Went to both games this past weekend.

Martin stole the show on Friday, and if it werent for the PP goal, he would have had a shutout. Team didnt give him any scoring support.

Diodati did the right thing sticking up for Mcintryre, and lost the fight. I was very upset that Cord, or Carrick or Graves didnt take on Iafrate later on in the game to even the score.

Team looked average at best on Friday.

Sunday, I thought it was going to be a blow out after 5 minutes, but Boyd's team controlled themselves and played solid no nonsense hockey and outworked Barrie. I was impressed with the goal support they gave Teichman.

I believe that James Boyd has to trade for some playmakers, even if they are older players, as the young guys need to know how it feels to score alot of goals. The team they have now will have a hard time scoring alot of goals.

Brace has to stop chirping everybody on the other team, and just play the game.

Goaltending and defence are best parts of team, but will have difficulty when high end offensive teams come in to play them, such as London or Plymouth.

Overall good weekend. However service at Hershey Ctre seems to be worse than last year. Heard that new owner is cutting all costs and expenses and it shows. There was 3100 fans there on Friday and over 2000 of them were from Kitchener. On Sunday, I dont think there was more than 1000 people at the game, and 200 may have been there for Barrie. Truly an embarrassment for a Sunday afternoon, especially when AHL and NHL camps are in limbo.

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