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09-25-2012, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by njdevsfn95 View Post
Like Ive said before, I bust your balls over the Arsenal thing because it will always be funny (and IRL friends bust each others balls because thats just what they do) and I really dont care that youre a Liverpool fan.

You are a new Liverpool fan just as many around you are new to their club. When YOUR club hasnt won any league titles in 20years, you should expect to hear **** about it. It sucks, but it could be 85 years! You had the pleasure of watching your team lift a trophy last year...its been 57 years since the last domestic title and 43 since the last trophy (the forerunner to the UEFA Cup/Europa League). The last time Newcastle played in a final was long before I could watch on TV or online.

Liverpool DESERVES to be **** on for lack of league success just as Newcastle has been **** on for the last 40+ years. You made the conscious choice to support Liverpool and you have to deal with the consequences of that decision. When I started following Newcastle they were fighting for League and FA titles and beating the likes of Barcelona in the CL...and since I got FSC and faster internet, Ive watched games in the Championship. Here I am...with knowledgable friends that rib me about Newcastle's (lack of?) history from time to time.

You make it seem like being a Liverpool supporter means you have to be on edge and ready to strike at the first hint of insult. Thats not what it means. That is secondary and doesnt make you a "bigger" supporter by responding to it with venom.

It means supporting the players on the pitch that have been struggling for wins. It means (for us) getting up at ludicrous hours to watch the match and not giving up hope until the final whistle.

Relax. Trust me. My club was relegated 3 years ago and I survived that moment and the following season reading plenty online which Im sure was just as bad if not worse than a lot of what youve seen regarding Liverpool on the pitch these past 3 2 years.

Chill. Trust me. You will feel so much better if you ignore the ****talkers. There is an endless amount of them on the internet and you cannot fight them all. they do not care what you think (no offense, just truth).

Love you. <3

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