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09-25-2012, 12:57 AM
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EA Sports Syndrome

Just wondering what everyone thinks of this...

I'm thinking a large number of posters now have beliefs in prospects and young emerging players being worth more than established stars in the league due to largely draft hype, but even moreso the NHL video games. I think it's a heavy flaw in the way the game uses potential to jack up trade value and makes your 19 year old CHL potential 2nd line centreman worth more than an established 50pt winger. It seems that this kind of over valuation of potential carries over to HF boards (its no secret everyone here are diehard hockey fans and a good majority of us probably play and own the NHL games). It seems to lead to a lot of boneheaded, one sided proposals that really make no sense in terms of current NHL value. Are we getting a little too caught up in player "potential" and not taking into account current or actual ability? Where does one draw the line between potential value and current value, and how can that carry over into trades? It seems to me it's extremely discretionary and leads to a fair share of pissing matches in the proposal threads.

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