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09-25-2012, 02:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
There are situations vs. top teams or good players where they can stick check you to death. I think having a higher deking value might allow you to get out of those situations where a pass is not possible or would result in a risky turnover, similar to how you would play it as a forward trying to get around an opponent. I also play a lot of OTP though lol, where your teammates aren't usually very good at presenting breakout options. If you don't want to put it in deking though, you could put it all into WSP and end up with something like 87 WSA 80 WSP.

How are you guys using your boosts? I didn't have room for a +3 agility the way I had it before:

+5 SSA +5 SSP +5 DA
+5 SPE +3 SPE +5 AGI
+5 ACC +5 SC +5 OA
+5 HE +5 PC +5 PAS
Yeah, it doesn't happen too much in club so I wouldn't know. I don't like playing D in OTP.
Isn't puck control the most important in maintaining control of the puck though? I think if you have a good amount of puck control and just deke away from the pokes, you should be able to get past most people.
For boosts, I'm not planning on putting +5 DA or +5 OA.

Also, thanks for the tutorial Chubbs. Unlocked all of it in like 3 hours.

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