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09-25-2012, 05:15 AM
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Oh **** this **** that. Just get a cheaper laptop.
I'm a whiny little ***** when it comes down to these things and I've learned to get cheaper laptops and switch often instead of commit to an expensive one and reluctantly "get your money's worth" over 3 long years of using what will become a slow and unfascinating laptop that will only fade in value exponentially. Get a new laptop once every year and sell the old one to someone who doesn't quite know laptop well enough to discern the difference of $40 - $50 on a laptop which can resell at around 60-65% of its price if it's in good condition and on a year old and you will end up being able to get around 65% of the money back and you end up having 3 new laptops, 1 a year for the price of 1 laptop for 3 years and since we're talking apple products here, you get to have 3 laptops (not as great as a macbook pro aesthetically and non-computer related experience wise) but you save up to $1,000 and you get way better experience with your computer because of 1) it's a PC and 2) it's newer and faster and equip to handle more.

The amount in which one can make back from a 1 year old laptop varies anywhere from 40% to 65% depending on the laptop itself, its state, the salesmanship and of course, the buyer and how receptive they are to a lucrative pitch from your perspective.

Rant over. Don't commit to 1 expensive laptop that's doesn't even have better specs and flexibility. It's like buying 3 meals worth of sushi on one night instead of getting a meal of a different type of cuisine on 3 different nights.

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