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Mako M1- Multi-Rib blade construction, ultra thin taper, 6k Woven Carbon Paddle, Matte coating- $70

Mako M3- Micro- Bladder blade process, multi-rib const, ultra thin taper, 3k Woven Carbon paddle $129

Mako M2- Micro Bladder blade, multi rib const, u.t. taper, 6k woven $100

Mako m5- RTM Blade process, Propeitary Kevlar?Graphite Shaft, 3-Rib blade, Low kick point flex profile, matte coating $179

Mako pro-Kevlar/graphite shaft, non skid blade, micro bladder blade, multi rib, matt coating $230

The same stick design. A durable, advanced stick with white design and light of course.
I bought the $70 stick once, i loved the white design idea and i believe in it. In a fast paced game like hockey a white shaft and blade can hide your stick positioning and release or at least have the goalie stand still a second longer which is always a plus.

I bought the stick cuz i heard it was good and it was $70. I have had it for over 5 months but played with it now for about 3 months (went on vaca for the summer) and its still in great condition. I play competitive hockey and train with it about 2x a week on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

The stick is great even though its 70 and as you can see the advancements as you move up the ladder is hardly a difference. I think as I moved up the price, all i would have gotten was a stick a little more durable, a little more kick point and lighter. But its great that Easton is doing stuff like this where they allow you have your cake and eat it to on your own account.

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