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09-25-2012, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
I'm sure some people still play Everquest
these games have their faithful.... uhhh.... what would you call people whos lives revolve around a video game?
Hey and some people still play DAoC. This was my first MMO, was really cool.
Man, was this a time!

Well, they made some bad things with wow (you're fully right) but there are some good things, too.
I have much fun despite not be able to go to big raids.
We'll see how this MMO ends (perhaps there will be finally a game which can win over world of warcraft )

So, I ordered a NYR neck warmer .. for next winter (SJS image below as there is no NYR one available:

Can't wait to get it (well, it's still warm here, so USPS has 2 months time to deliver it to Germany )

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