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Varsity Hockey, Senior year.

Was suppose to have a great season but started pretty ****** only with 5 points in 5 games. Our team was doing as expected after losing 7 starters including our goalie and league MVP, we were 1-3-2 and entering our last game of the first half of season.

Against one of our schools biggest rivals.

I remember it pretty clearly. I broke my back up stick so my Dad offered to pay for a new one right before the game. I always had 2 piece sticks and was told to try one piece sticks. I wasnt for expensive sticks but I did finally want a nice one, almost got my father to buy me a $160+ stick but instead went for my second choice.

A Rbk pro stick, it was a Islanders pro shop so most likely owned previously by an ex player and it was cheaper because it was somewhat used.

I went out there in warm ups and really liked the release on a one piece. Sharper, quicker, stronger. My slap shot, which i sucked at improved too. The LIE, Curve and power of the shaft compared to my wood or 2 piece sticks felt so right with this new stick.

The game started and I began domination.
Won the game 7-3 and scored 4 goals and even put up an assist. Had 1 more goal than our teams best player who was also league MVP at the end of the season.

I scored the game winner on my @$*. I hopped on the ice, took a 2 way pass and went 1-1 with a defender. I lost the puck, he took it and skated upwards from his zone as I rushed to backcheck. Luckily one of my defender stopped him from clearing the zone. My teammate passed it back up to me where I was the lone man in the middle of the offensive zone. Took the pass and turned around ready to attack the net but i was tripped from behind by the same defender who originall took it from me. But I held the puck on my blade and proceeded to get some shot on target and luckily the goalie went down and my shot went up. GOAL. 3-2

I remember also scoring on a 2 on 1. I came in from the right side (im a righty) and had a man in the middle. The defender took my teammate as i proceeded to the net on an angle. I had one skate behind the goal line with my stick and the puck in front of the net as i attempted to fake a pass to my teammate and lifted it back hand. As my coach would say, Peanut Butter as the puck got stuck on the top of the net.

I scored 2 more goals but cant really remember them.

With that stick i continued to play really well and helped the team win more games. I added more depth and a scoring touch we needed. In 8 games I put up 11 goals, added 3 more assists to that and tallied for the leagus top 10 in points and top 5 in goals. We missed the playoffs by one win.

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