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09-25-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by TheSilfverBullet View Post
I'm very happy to see Driedger on this list. I (as a Sens fan) had very little knowledge of him when he was drafted and didn't know what to expect from him in the future.
Yeah, wasn't a terribly huge fan of him and still am not the biggest one. But that doesn't mean that he's not a key player to watch this year, which he is.

Originally Posted by Bills09 View Post
Im surprised no Henrik Samuellson on this list.

Can I get your thoughts on him?
Needs to work on his skating, positioning and discipline. Has some other good tools, like size, physicality and shot, but is still a pretty raw player. I don't think he should have been a 1st round pick.

Originally Posted by Monkeyhouse View Post
I was always a McColgan supporter here in Kelowna, and he has fantastic skill, great vision and passing. If he avoids the stupid penalties he takes far too often he will do well. It was time for him to move on and I wish him the best, but he has a lot to learn about being a skilled player first and play to those strengths and avoid the stupid chippy, diving, whinnyness he gained a reputation for over the past season.

One game he will get 3 points and look fantastic and the next he will take 4 cheap minor penalties that kills the team. If he puts that behind him he will be a huge asset in any run for the cup.

And a nice list as usual, but I think you are selling the BC div rather short and I understand you are from the prairies but...? 2 players on the entire list from BC.
I'm not selling anything short. This isn't a shot against the BC division. It's just a list of players I am looking forward to watching/following this season.

That's not me saying the BC division is weak or doesn't have any talent.

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