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i dont think perry gets 8mil per, especially if the cap goes down, that could be, give or take, 1/8 of your teams cap if he signs at 8 per. he'll probably get 7.5-7.8, so perhaps its possible he gets 8 per, no way he gets 8.5 tho.

in his last 5 seasons (out of 7, excluding his first 2 where his production was lower than what he regularly puts up) he averages 36.6 goals, 38.7 assists, 75.3 points. in those 5 seasons, he hit 25+ goals twice (one was on average to be over 30), 30+ twice, and 50 exactly once.

the first 3 seasons (of the 5 i averaged) he averaged 31 goals, then he scored the big 50, and then down, but the still high amount of 37. the only thing i worry about is how much do you expect him to produce? in the last 5 years, the first 3 years he averaged 31, but then to 50, and then to 37, he'll score you at least 30 (or should), but do you expect 35 or 40+, if he was consistently hitting the high 30's or breaking 40 and 50 he could be making 8+ mil, but he hasnt, he hit 50 once, and the upper 30's at 37 once, the other seasons he averaged 31. so do you pay him like you would a player that scores 30-33 goals, or one who scores 37+ who has the potential to break 40 and higher, because he's only played like that for the last 2 seasons. so i think this season will be important to see how he produces.

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