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12-05-2003, 09:12 PM
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It's always going to be difficult in deciding what the club needs to improve as a team. Questions such as the goaltending, defense, and the organizational NHL ready center depth are all valid concerns. However, they are hard to fix all at once.

I doubt Lowe is going to find some magic cure-all to heal the defensive, goaltending and center concerns all at what can Lowe do?

IMO, I firmly believe that Lowe should be looking at the future rather than what the club needs currently. Sure.. we need some defensive help. But is Lowe willing to take a little less on the dollar to get that kind of help as opposed to what is being offerred? I hope not.

Things change in the NHL as they always do. Just as you said, Semenov COULD be something special. Lynch COULD come up next year and blow the lights out in camp... and the defense could magically be solid again. It is a difficult decision for Lowe to make on what to acquire and without a crystal ball, I don't think Lowe is going to be perfect.

So, in essence, Lowe should just get what he believes is the maximum return. I agree about the Perry rumors. How does this help Edmonton now and in the future? IMO, it really doesn't do a lot for either. What Lowe needs to do is just get a fair justified return. If no club is willing to offer what he wants, I have no problem with Lowe telling the media the Comrie situation is closed and will be reopened after the season. But I dislike hearing any of this "settling" for Perry and a pick discussion.

Note: It would probably be difficult to deal Comrie right at the beginning of the season. Clubs have their roster pretty much set and would like to see how the team performs first before actively pursuing a player like Comrie. The better the team plays, the less need for a player like Comrie and the less they are willing to give up in offers to Edmonton. Most likely, Lowe would have received his lowest offers during that time period.

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