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09-25-2012, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Tuna99 View Post
It worked for Lemieux and Gretzky - maybe the players should start their own league.

The thing is here is the owners don't control the entire process - the players are a huge part in the game, it's not a take it or leave it situation because the players can't be replaced like cows can be replaced. Would you pay $100 to see our AHL team play in Ottawa? Exactly, you pay and watch the players and that is where the value of the NHL begins and ends - you want to have Andre Benoit as the afce of your franchise, see how much money you make selling him as opposed to Karlsson.
I am sure Gretzky would say his experience as an owner was nothing but positive. The only way he profited was by being paid as the coach.

If they used scabs relativity would set in, the AHL players would be playing against players of their own caliber therefore it would still be entertaining.

Go watch a OHL game, 80% of the players wont play in the NHL yet the product is still good and the games are fun to watch.

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