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09-25-2012, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Tuna99 View Post
How can argue this - you don't have any numbers to prove your point - Melnyk bought the team and the stadium for something like $80 million, he's probably made 4X that already in the 6 years he's owned the team.

There was a global economic collapse and hockey grew it's revenues by 2 Billion dollars, all the owners are making huge money and any crying of them being poor is complete BS as far as I am concerned
Why do you speak of revenue as profit?

Revenue could have gone up 20 billion dollars for all i care, but if expenses grow as much,or more, the league isn't making any money.

Sure, the revenue has gone through the roof, but you ignore that that has made the payrolls go up(which are expenses) and that non hockey expenses have gone up even more. owners aren't making money like you think they are.

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