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I agree with everyone here that the primary job is to watch your point. Make sure you're between either the pointman and the passer or the pointman and the net at all times. If that pointman moves away from the point, you can follow him IF AND ONLY IF no one rotates with him back into that point. If someone comes up to that point to replace him, then he becomes your man and the original pointman belongs to someone else (likely the center).

However, in the lowest divisions, there will come times that there simply is no one at your point (because low-level adults on offense often channel mites and swarm down low in the zone with everyone on the ice). If and when this happens, take the closest person to your point and cover him. If one of your teammates is already on him, communicate about who should cover the guy closest to you two and who is taking the open guy somewhere else on the ice. But always keep an eye on that point - if someone rotates back up there, it's unlikely one of your teammates will follow, and he then becomes your responsibility.

So to recap:
Primary responsibility - to be on somebody at all times. Standing there guarding space (and I see a lot of beginning wings do this) essentially gives the other team a 5-on-4.
Secondary responsibility - to be on the guy at your point

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